So this is Modern Love...

  • Summertime

    I just love summer.  Picnics, swimming, long, long days, long, long nights, berries,'s the best! I hope you are enjoying yours so much!

  • On a whim

    I had this hankering to make a pennant the other day.  Since we're gearing up to move the shop, most of my craft supplies are currently boxed up.  I managed to wrangle up some black fabric, grey felt sheets and my trusty chalkboard pen.  Voila! A mock-up of what are sure to be much more exciting and colorful pennants to come.

    This is paying homage to the sweet town that houses and holds Modern Love.



  • A sneak-peek

    Here's a little sneak-peek at our new shop space. I just love the awning! On March 1st, we get the keys to this beauty. Although moving is never fun, this one isn't going to be so bad since it's just around the corner from our current shop. I can't wait for long nights filled with design, building, pizza and beer.  That's how we do it around here:) 


  • Mail Art

    Are you a fan of mail art?  I am...big time! I mean BIG TIME! My boyfriend and I courted each other, for the first few months we were together, through mail art.   It was pretty amazing.  And I continue to send and receive amazing mail to friends who live all over the place.

    For christmas, one of my friends got me a subscription gift for mail art.  I had just sort of discovered this concept, because I purchased a similar gift for another friend. Basically, it is a subscription service where you sign up to either receive or gift mail art.  The company I ordered from was Quarterly Co.  I wanted to gift myself a subscription to every single person on this site!! It was hard to choose.  But I settled on a quirky artist who reminded me of my friend.  Let the snail-mail-gift-giving-extravaganza begin!

    This photo is a montage of some of the mail art I have received for my present.  Pretty incredible, don't you think?  What a treat to get one of these gems in my cute mailbox or, better yet, when Bob the Postman hand delivers my mail!  He always comments on the really unusual stuff I get. I think it makes his day to have the monotony of white bill envelopes broken up with these pieces of art. :)

  • Treasures

    I recently went to the New York International Gift Fair.  It happens twice a year and is hands down one of the most exhausting experiences one can have.  At least it is for me.  It isn't so much the physical exhaustion, which is pretty intense, but more the mental exhaustion.  There are so many products to take in and process, my poor brain usually is throbbing and aching by the end.

    That said, I am always glad that I went because I usually walk away with a few treasures that I am so excited about.  The picture is one case-in-point.  Totally dreamy clips and staplers.  I'm in love.  And I'm super-excited to bring these into the shop.  That, alone, would make going to the show worth it.  Luckily I found a few more treasures soon to be making their home in Modern Love.  


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