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    11 years
    1 move around the corner that changed everything!
    4 river floods
    1 hurricane (Sandy) that shut down the entire east coast but surprisingly not Frenchtown-
    our literal beacon of light
    1 global pandemic
    2 birds in the shop (remember "put a bird on it" ?) 
    1 squirrel who stood in the doorway with an acorn debating on whether or not to bury it in the shop. thankfully it didn't.

    Also, the best employees, crafting workshops, parties with food & drinks & merriment, collaborations, friendships, stories shared, gifts wrapped and given, cards with sweet sentiments written. 
    What a decade (plus 1) it has been!

    A lot can happen in 11 years!  We turned 10 during lockdown last year.  Instead of celebrating, all we could do was focus on surviving: surviving COVID and surviving as a business.

    But this year, turning 11 felt a little better. And we definitely felt like celebrating by showing our love and gratitude with giveaways and donations...a simple thank you to our customers that have kept this shop running for all these years and the simple act of giving money to those who really inspire us by the good work they are doing.  

    It feels good...just like turning 11 feels good.

    Thanks from the bottom of my heart for everything,
    and the Modern Love team:
    Jackie, Jessie, Hartley, Mary, and Lucy

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