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    I recently went to the New York International Gift Fair.  It happens twice a year and is hands down one of the most exhausting experiences one can have.  At least it is for me.  It isn't so much the physical exhaustion, which is pretty intense, but more the mental exhaustion.  There are so many products to take in and process, my poor brain usually is throbbing and aching by the end.

    That said, I am always glad that I went because I usually walk away with a few treasures that I am so excited about.  The picture is one case-in-point.  Totally dreamy clips and staplers.  I'm in love.  And I'm super-excited to bring these into the shop.  That, alone, would make going to the show worth it.  Luckily I found a few more treasures soon to be making their home in Modern Love.  


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