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    Are you a fan of mail art?  I am...big time! I mean BIG TIME! My boyfriend and I courted each other, for the first few months we were together, through mail art.   It was pretty amazing.  And I continue to send and receive amazing mail to friends who live all over the place.

    For christmas, one of my friends got me a subscription gift for mail art.  I had just sort of discovered this concept, because I purchased a similar gift for another friend. Basically, it is a subscription service where you sign up to either receive or gift mail art.  The company I ordered from was Quarterly Co.  I wanted to gift myself a subscription to every single person on this site!! It was hard to choose.  But I settled on a quirky artist who reminded me of my friend.  Let the snail-mail-gift-giving-extravaganza begin!

    This photo is a montage of some of the mail art I have received for my present.  Pretty incredible, don't you think?  What a treat to get one of these gems in my cute mailbox or, better yet, when Bob the Postman hand delivers my mail!  He always comments on the really unusual stuff I get. I think it makes his day to have the monotony of white bill envelopes broken up with these pieces of art. :)

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