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  • Fall in Frenchtown!

    Well, it's been a nearly perfect-summer and a nearly-perfect fall.  I am hunkering down and getting ready for all the holidays: Halloween ( I still don't have a costume), Thanksgiving (the new Martha Stewart "Living" just arrived and I want to make and eat everything in it!) and alllll the winter holidays.  The shop is getting bombarded with amazing boxes filled with amazing goods, wares, gifts, treats...all ready for you to peruse at your leisure.  And I cannot wait to see you! Visit. Anytime!
  • Waiting for Winter's End

    I am sure so many of you are in the same boat as I am: waiting patiently for the end of one season and the beginning of another.  We're sitting idle in this liminal state, where the sun is shining but the wind is still biting.  

    I'm trying to stay busy and focused but long for spring days and nights.  I try to get together with a friend to play backgammon as our schedules allow it.  The mornings when we can sit outside, by the river, with our coffee and play are what I'm dreaming of right now. :)

  • Love our little town!

    This is a great little article written about our sweet town!  Daily Candy is a great source for shopping, fashion, culture and all the in-betweens and they were so kind to include us in their article.





    All December, to Grandma’s house you went. So a jaunt that doesn’t include relatives sounds especially good this time of year. Venture just an hour outside the city to slow to a small-town pace. Fill your days with 19th-century bridges, independent shops, and Victorian architecture.

    Play Time
    Whether you have children or not, pore over the merch at Sunbeam Toys. The selection is long on charm and short on technology (amen). Fiddle with retro-inspired tin toys that remind you of your youth, or pick a gift for a baby shower.


    modern love!

    A Boutique We Want to Hug
    Between the table laden with cookbooks (we spotted some of our favorites) and a rack filled with indie rags like Kinfolk, there’s some serious browsing to do at Modern Love. Owner Meg Metz has a way of making us open our wallets for everything from old typewriters to magnets. Root through the vintage clothing for party dresses and sequined sweaters. 

    Hot Stuff
    Lovin’ Oven fills up fast, but the wait is worth it. But stare too long at the bakery case near the entrance and you may skip a sensible meal altogether. Those who have the willpower to hold off on cookies are rewarded with hippie fare such as burritos and fresh-pressed juices. Spring for the sweet potato biscuits.

    Altar Existence
    Hop next door to Two Buttons. Author Elizabeth Gilbert (of Eat, Pray, Love fame) and her husband own the shop filled with imported delights. Fill a bag with free popcorn from the carnival popper and squeeze through rows of Shiva and Ganesh statues. Not in the market for a Buddha that glitters as bright as a disco ball? Peruse home goods and jewelry, too.

    minettes candies!

    Sweet as Can Be
    Nibble treats from Minette’s Candies as you stroll down Bridge Street. Choose from the shop’s own line of confections (the sea salt caramels rock), or go the European route with Dutch licorice and Belgian chocolates.

    Walk This Way
    The best way to admire the view? Ride a bike or mosey down the towpath that hugs the Delaware River.

    Take all the time in the world.

  • Loving the Holidays!

    Ok, I know I said, in my last blog post, that fall is my favorite time of the year. This time, by far, is another favorite!  I am so happy to have a shop where people are excited to give the gifts they buy here.  Isn't that the whole point? That warm, fuzzy feeling it gives you inside?  I think so.

    Another reason I love this time of the year is holiday parties!! I am so nostalgic for the days where everyone got dressed up, decorated with soooo much silver tinsel, made the punch and danced the night away!!  

    I love this picture more than anything!  I'm guessing it is someone's basement, comparing this to the old photos my grandmother had of her basement and alllll the parties they had down there! :)  I love the clothing, the furniture but, most importantly, I love the dancing.

    We have a large selection of vintage dresses and coats if you find yourself invited to a party and want to look absolutely fabulous! Come and check it out:) 

    Here's hoping you are enjoying the season to the fullest, buying presents you are excited to give, spending time with your loved ones and dancing the nights away!!


  • My Favorite Time of the Year

    If you are familiar with the area where the shop is, the Delaware River Valley, then you know that fall is pretty stellar around these parts.  It's been near-perfect weather, the craze of holiday ordering is almost over (now come the shipments!! yippee!!) and it's time to start hunkering down.  

    I carved this pumpkin last year and still just love it so much that I had to share it, yet again.  

    Hope you are enjoying your fall as well!  I'll soon be posting shop pictures so you can see all the new stuff that arrives daily!!

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