• Loving the Holidays!

    Ok, I know I said, in my last blog post, that fall is my favorite time of the year. This time, by far, is another favorite!  I am so happy to have a shop where people are excited to give the gifts they buy here.  Isn't that the whole point? That warm, fuzzy feeling it gives you inside?  I think so.

    Another reason I love this time of the year is holiday parties!! I am so nostalgic for the days where everyone got dressed up, decorated with soooo much silver tinsel, made the punch and danced the night away!!  

    I love this picture more than anything!  I'm guessing it is someone's basement, comparing this to the old photos my grandmother had of her basement and alllll the parties they had down there! :)  I love the clothing, the furniture but, most importantly, I love the dancing.

    We have a large selection of vintage dresses and coats if you find yourself invited to a party and want to look absolutely fabulous! Come and check it out:) 

    Here's hoping you are enjoying the season to the fullest, buying presents you are excited to give, spending time with your loved ones and dancing the nights away!!


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