So this is Modern Love...

  • The charm of winter...

    To be completely honest, I love winter so much.  It's a time to reflect, sit for longer moments, consider your life and choices, try to make good changes, make fires in your stove, drink warm things, bake more, catch up on shows with no guilt because it's 5 degrees outside and really just enjoy the quietude the season offers.

    When I'm not being a big wimp, I walk to work and get to go through this covered bridge to and from home.  It's almost like leaving one world and entering another.  

  • Valentine-making was a success!!

    We had such a fun night crafting and eating such yummy food at The Lovin' Oven.  And we are excited to host more events together!
  • Love is in the air!

    I've partnered up with a great gal-pal of mine, Julie, to host a fun night of crafting and comfort food!! We will have all the supplies you need to make some pretty amazing valentine's.  Make sure to reserve your spot!!
  • Working Late!



    I don't mind working late because this place is pretty magical when it's just me and the holiday lights:)




  • Fall in Frenchtown!

    Well, it's been a nearly perfect-summer and a nearly-perfect fall.  I am hunkering down and getting ready for all the holidays: Halloween ( I still don't have a costume), Thanksgiving (the new Martha Stewart "Living" just arrived and I want to make and eat everything in it!) and alllll the winter holidays.  The shop is getting bombarded with amazing boxes filled with amazing goods, wares, gifts, treats...all ready for you to peruse at your leisure.  And I cannot wait to see you! Visit. Anytime!

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