My Chopsticks Kit

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My Chopsticks Kit
  • My Chopsticks Kit
  • My Chopsticks Kit
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Make your own chopsticks using this kit from Japan. The kit contains a roughly shaped wood blocks to carve from, three grades of sand
paper, and beeswax and cloth. A knife to carve the wooden piece is not included but any standard penknife is sufficient to use. Enjoy
creating something your own hands!

``CHOPSTICKS WHITTLING DIY KIT'' is a handmade kit that allows you to make your own chopsticks.
Using this kit, you can make your own original chopsticks.
Made of durable ash and oak wood, these chopsticks are easy to use.

Scrape it with your own cutter or knife, sand it neatly with the sandpaper that comes with the kit, and finish with beeswax.

By using the chopsticks you made every day, you will be able to enjoy a pleasant meal time.
Also, since chopsticks are something we use on a daily basis, one of the appeals of making them is that you can feel ecologically conscious by making them yourself.
Please handle with care and prepare your own sharpening tools.

- Please be careful when handling cutlery.
-We recommend that you perform maintenance from time to time.
If there are any bumps, we recommend sanding them down a bit and then finishing them off with sandpaper and beeswax.
Why not try making your own original chopsticks with the "CHOPSTICKS WHITTLING DIY KIT"?

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