Mistify Sprayer- Battery Operated

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Mistify Sprayer- Battery Operated
  • Mistify Sprayer- Battery Operated
  • Mistify Sprayer- Battery Operated
  • $28.00

One-squeeze start · Perfect for those with limited hand strength · Mist or spray

Say goodbye to repetitive squeezing on spray-bottle triggers. By simply squeezing and holding the trigger, this battery-operated sprayer creates a steady mist or direct stream for watering plants. It can also be used with cleaning products. Ideal for anyone with arthritis or limited hand strength.

  • Battery-operated mister and sprayer can be used with water for indoor or outdoor plants or with household cleaners for cleaning
  • Two settings on the nozzle—fine mist and direct stream
  • Direct stream goes up to 16 feet for hard-to-reach spots
  • Great for kids and individuals with limited hand strength
  • Please note: Avoid getting water or cleaning solution in battery compartment

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