Ilsa Neopolitan Coffee Maker

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Ilsa Neopolitan Coffee Maker
  • $45.00

Charmingly stylized to embody the flavor and style of a traditional "flip drip" Neapolitan espresso, the Ilsa Classica Neapolitan Coffee Maker brews an unmistakably Italian cup. Made to consistently craft the bold, dense, and unique flavors of an Italian espresso, the Classica Neapolitan will send your thoughts embarking across the Tyrrhenian Sea to Italy with rich and elegant satisfaction. Its durable aluminum build and heat resistant handles makes it compatible with most heating sources–including gas, electric, glass, and ceramic stoves; however, not induction heating. Brew using a medium-fine coffee grind to develop the most satisfying flavors.

  • Ilsa Classica Neapolitan Stovetop Espresso Maker
  • Heat-Resistant plastic handles
  • Made in Italy // Medium - 6-cup (12 oz.)
  • 8.25" 

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