Dream Animals

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Dream Animals
  • Dream Animals
  • Dream Animals
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This picture book debut invites  children to discover who their dream animal might be—and what dream it might take them to.  With a gentle rhyme and lush illustrations,  Dream Animals introduces a new night time mythology, ideal for bed time reading.

Furred or Finned or Feathered, your Dream Animal is waiting!

"A rare, enchanting mixture of graceful rhyming verse and adorable, Hummel-sweet illustrations... Martin’s paintings, in rich, creamy opaque colors, have a retro look that recalls early Golden Books, but with more brush-stroke texture. They’re so nursery-worthy you may be tempted to snip a few out and frame them."
--The New York Times

"Tender and dark, this brings to mind the dark and wooded world of classic fairy tales — but with a refreshingly quirky twist."
--The Atlantic Wire

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