Tooth Fairy Mouse - Big Brother


Tooth Fairy Mouse - Big Brother
  • $34.00

At night the tooth fairy spreads fairy dust, collects baby teeth, brings treats and always makes sure you have sweet dreams. The Big Brother Tooth Fairy Mouse is dressed in a magical blue starred top, stripped leggings, a shiny hat, a star wand, and a sparkly backpack for carrying your tooth on the flight back to the cute metal tooth storage tin. All this cuteness comes packed in a matchbox bed. The perfect gift for little one's loosing their baby teeth.

  • Ages: 3yr +
  • Materials: Cotton muslin and linen; recycled  polyfil; cardboard matchbox
  • Care: Machine wash cold - tumble dry low heat
  • Dimensions: Mouse is 5.5in tall; Box is 2in x 3.5in x 5.5in
  • Safety: Conforms to CE & CPSIA

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