Mitsubishi Graphite Pencils

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Mitsubishi Graphite Pencils
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Upgrade your everyday writing pencil with this classic from Japan's Mitsubishi Pencil Company, manufacturer of the country's first pencils in the early 1900s. The pentagonal body of the Mitsubishi 9800 is designed for writing comfort over many hours, the matured micro HB graphite is a perfect balance of durability and softness ensuring a clean, dark effortless line. These qualities have made this pencil a favorite of animators and an essential in the Japanese classroom. Not only is the 9800 engineered to be the perfect tool for writing, it is also tastefully appointed with gold foiling of the classic Mitsubishi "three-diamond" mark and painted a gleaming deep green lacquer.

Box of 12

6.875" unsharpened

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